IVAN RADEV STUDIO is a production company founded in early 2011. The company gathers professionals with over 10 years of experience in television and advertising. We develop concepts and scripts for TV shows, serials and advertisements, organize and carry out events of all sizes.


Our main goal is to promote high standards for all our products. IVAN RADEV STUDIO name is synonymous with ‘quality’ since the day the company was founded.


Our creative team consists entirely of professionals with long biographies and rich experience. Over the years we have devised, written and produced some of the funniest and most-watched shows in Bulgaria and some of the most successful and memorable television commercials and events.


We work with people who have managed to establish themselves. Their work is a guarantee of quality, originality and innovation!


Our team has worked on more than 60 different programs and series behind have thousands of hours of TV content and more than 250 events.