Over the years, we at IVAN RADEV STUDIO forged his reputation as experts in creative work.


You can learn about the services we offer:


SCENARIO – We can write the script for your TV show, event or advertising.


CONCEPTS – We can develop an overall concept for your TV show, event or campaign.


PRODUCTION – We can we produce your TV show to film your video, corporate or documentary.


HOLOGRAMS – We created and shown first in Bulgaria hologram shown on TV (during the award ceremony of the “Sportsman of the Year” in 2014). We can produce and can project a hologram of your television production or event.
Also we can produce and pyramid holograms any sizes.


EVENTS – We can figure out the concept and organize your event, party, festival or concert. We can provide celebrities on stage to develop the overall program and even shoot “making” video behind the scenes.


CASTING – We can arrange professional casting for your products – advertising, video clip, movie or TV show.


ACTING SCHOOL – Our portfolio of services rather increase the already cast organize courses for children and youth. They may be the first step to start a career or vocational training for university exam.


3D MAPPING – Our team includes some of the pioneers in the field of 3D mapping-a. We have great experience and exterior suitable for large concerts and outdoor events, but also with interior mapping in a controlled environment suitable for spectacular corporate parties, videos and more.


CGI – We can remount your video and create computer-generated images for your presentations, videos or movies – in partnership with professionals VIRAD.